Episode 1

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2nd Sep 2020

RE - Marketing

Hi, we are Steven Rick and Tim Elliott and welcome to the first Episode of the RE podcast.

A podcast where we rethink, replay and remark on all good things to do with branding and marketing. We created this podcast for people to rethink about the marketing and i'ts identity problem in businesses.

Marketers have broken marketing when they went on to increase the bar! They changed the definition beyond recognition in the name of progress and they lost it on the way.

In this episode, we try to define what marketing actually is and try to understand the good and the bad instances of marketing to learn and improve on it.

The major misconceptions about marketing are

1.That it should be there only when the companies are big or at a certain revenue level and number 2, the marketing team is a siloed department, like HR, only called upon when asked.

Key points:

  1. Start from inside within your company so that the employees give the customers the customer treatment that you want them to have.
  2. Should companies allow the marketing department to set the price of the product?
  3. Marketing should be more than just communication.
  4. The people in your organisation need to know why they are delivering and what they are delivering any then they will be able to.
  5. Good marketing involves all the departments of the organisation.
  6. No one is going to buy just because something came on TV. Just because you came on tv and reached a lot of people doesn’t mean the marketing campaign is good. The conversions matter.
  7. Start with Why! Always explain why you are doing it and then how you are planning to achieve it.
  8. In marketing, there should be the ability to pivot easily in bad times and that requires a long term view of planning and not just 1 week plan.



01:12 - What is marketing?

03:45 - Defining marketing

06:00 - Inside out approach

08:55 - PPP combination

11:45 - The messages to your customers.

12:45 - Frustrated marketing

15:30 - MSE marketing

18:45 - Mark Rittson marketing plan

19:45 - Splitting marketing teams

1.    Engagement team

2.    Future thinkers

3.    Reactive

23:30 - Connecting the dots

27:55 - The best strategy ever

34:10 - marketing is internal

36:35 - SEO

38:10 - The best of marketing

42:00 - Micheal Owen - 50odd

47:00 - The worst of marketing

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About the Podcast

The RE of Marketing
This is where we come to Rethink, Reframe and Remark on all things marketing and inspire that use our marketing superpowers for good.
Hello, we are Steven Rick and Tim Elliott and we are the hosts of 'The Re of Marketing podcast'.

Join us as we guide you through a series of conversations, debates, interviews and points of view all with the aim of getting you to rethink the work of marketing.

In this podcast we delve into the world of marketing, it's pro’s, it’s cons, the good and the bad and we look at how we marketers could be and should be using our creative superpowers for the good of people and the good of our planet.

We believe marketers, as people of influence, as people who have a voice or amplify others have a responsibility to put the right stories and messages into the world.

"The stories we tell can change the world but they can't do it alone"!
Here is a little bit more about us.

Steve and Tim have worked in marketing for a combined 35 years (we still like to think we're young) have an unobstructed and unfiltered view on what marketing is and should be. Steven has worked in educational and technology marketing, ed-tech and strategy, whilst Tim has been involved in thousands of strategy levels conversations across industries and markets and is also a startup mentor and entrepreneur in residence and head of the UK chapter of a global team of human-centred designers.

We hope you enjoy the show and feel free to reach out to either of us with any questions or queries our details are below

Thank you and enjoy listening.

PS: You may notice two show types the long-form conversations (the blue ones) and RE/Bites (the pink ones) these are short but interesting conversations, a little like an audio blog to keep you entertained between seasons

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I've been working with strategic creativity for over 23 years most of which iv'e spent in a 'strategic marketing roles' which means over the last couple of decades, I've been at the table having valuable conversations with 1000's of businesses and leaders, helping them understand how to apply creativity so that they can do better work and do work better.

Today the 'day job' is heading up the UK chapter of The Spill Teem®, a global team of human-centred designers who work with organisations worldwide to help them see their challenges in new ways and of course design sustainable solutions.

My work also regularly involves delivering keynotes at events, speaking to leadership teams in-house, at leadership groups, masterminds and retreats. I also deliver lectures, seminars and provide training.

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