Episode 4

RE - Focus

Focus - Welcome to the RE podcast were Steve and Tim Re-Think, Re-play and Re-mark on all good things to do with marketing.

We talk about how brands are supposed to change their focus point to still keep moving forward which is important, because many of us have a doubt about what we are in this world to do and what we actually want to do.

In this episode we also discuss the challenges we face such as do we stick to our ‘Why’ of the brand and try new methods or do we reinvent our Why? Both have good or bad consequences and especially due to this lockdown and uncertainty time.

How often should we re-do things? Is also important to ask because the changes in some industries are extremely fast and we often we need to Pivot.

It is the infinite game with an infinite mindset.

Key Points:

  • Looking for strategies
  • Three important focuses of Disney that helped them grow so much
  1. Animation
  2. Global Market etc.    
  3. Partnerships
  • Life situations change everything. The automobile industry is notorious for shifting strategies and repurposing of what they are as a business.
  • Social media companies are known to change their algorithm continuously and depending on it for a major part of the marketing might not actually be a good idea especially social media advertising.
  • Don’t fix something that does not need to be fixed.
  • Provide time to refocus and re-evaluate, so that it is not too late when you need to pivot.
  • The flipside of challenges is an opportunity and when we are able to move through them and push out of our comfort zone that’s where the company grows both internally and externally, the employees trust themselves more and the managers have an assurance that the team can handle things which improves bonding and thus better customer service.
  • Challenge helps to put ideas on the table and connect the dots.
  • Recognition is the most important thing for a brand. It can make a good image of itself in the mind of the people.


Time Stamp:

00:00:50: Intro

00:05:00 - Disney’s focus shift

00:12:30 - When should you be auditing?

00:14:30 - What you want to do vs What you should do.

00:18:00 - Should we put social media into a marketing strategy?

00:23:00 - Pareto Principle (80/20 rule)

00:30:00 - Pivoting

00:36:00 - Opportunity Capture

00:41:00 - How might we?

00:47:00 - Tip of the Spear

00:52:00 - Examples of Focus Branding

01:02:00 - Outro

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