Episode 3

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4th Sep 2020

RE - Branding

Welcome to the RE podcast we are the hosts Steven Rick and Tim Elliott

In this episode, we talk about Branding

Branding is often associated with a logo or colours e.g. the aesthetics and the style. This is wrong!

People often have this definition of a brand because this is the base that marketers use to market a company's product. So in this episode, we reinvent the image of what a brand actually means so we can focus on those parts while creating a brand.

A Brand are the pieces that connect people to the company, like when we connect to a person. We connect with them for their character. Brand is the face that we identify with.

BX > EX > CX - Brand experience before employee experience before customer experience

Key points:

  1. Ratings need to be correct because humans like the middle. It’s a safe ground and that's what most people want to answer safety.
  2. Most people associate the word brand with the logo the colours it’s because it’s the marketer’s definition of what a brand is and not the actual meaning of a brand.
  3. Brand is the things that connect people to the company, like when we connect to a person. We connect with them for their character.
  4. There is a category and then there is also an umbrella factor-like every black drink we see we call it Coca-Cola that's why under the umbrella of soft drinks it is the king. Similarly under hard alcohol, many would associate whisky to Jack Daniels.
  5. Coca-Cola brand unpicking
  6. When the customer looses trust in the company it is very difficult to get them back
  7. The brand should be able to drive your employees internally
  8. Gen z and millennials want to work for companies that have a purpose and brand value and want to go with brands that resonate with people.
  9. How did you treat your staff during COVID 19- the most asked questions by new joining people after COVID


Quote " Great brands give people to something to buy into and not just buy from"


01:45- Airbrideges and the Traffic light system

02:50 - Rating rule

04:00 - what does brand mean?

07:30 - Stop focusing on the customer

10:08- Pepsi vs Coke

12:45 - Brand loyalty and association

18:00 - Common denominators

24:00 - Storytelling to make people understand

36:00 - Combatting negative association

40:00 - Gen Z methods

43:30 - Good Branding & Bad Branding


Adam Ferrier - https://thecmoshow.filteredmedia.com.au/adam-ferrier-on-the-psychology-of-brand-loyalty/


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The RE of Marketing
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Hello, we are Steven Rick and Tim Elliott and we are the hosts of 'The Re of Marketing podcast'.

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"The stories we tell can change the world but they can't do it alone"!
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Steve and Tim have worked in marketing for a combined 35 years (we still like to think we're young) have an unobstructed and unfiltered view on what marketing is and should be. Steven has worked in educational and technology marketing, ed-tech and strategy, whilst Tim has been involved in thousands of strategy levels conversations across industries and markets and is also a startup mentor and entrepreneur in residence and head of the UK chapter of a global team of human-centred designers.

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