Episode 12

RE/BITE: 12 With Sunny Bonnell

I know what your thinking.

Aren't RE/Bites short and chewy conversations and this one is an hour long !!!

Your right, but just you wait until you hear it, its worth all of those extra minutes.

In RE/Bite 12 we have a very special guest, Sunny Bonnell co-author of Rare Breed - a guide to success for the defiant, dangerous and different.

Rare Breed is one of the best books I've read in the last couple of years and to have the opportunity to speak to the author and one of brands and leaderships leading figures is a real honour.

As you can tell by the 62 minute time frame we cover a bunch of ground related to rare Breeds, how to use the attributes, the power of difference and rare breeds for organisations.

You're going to have to listen for yourself as these typed words don't do the spoken words justice.

Here come those important links folks ...

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